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Creating shared value

We work with our companies to be part of the solution to global challenges.

We believe in the concept of creating shared value (CSV). This means that we think it is possible to create greater value by addressing global issues that intersect with a company’s business.

Some of our portfolio companies have built their businesses by addressing global challenges – such as tackling climate change by providing components to the wind energy sector. Other companies can create greater opportunities by adjusting their current models, like driving a diversity agenda, reviewing flying patterns or adapting product packaging. We encourage all portfolio companies to identify what sustainable development goals (SDGs) they are best placed to work with.

The global movement toward a more sustainable world is a structural shift that any business aspiring to become a market leader cannot ignore. It is our conviction that CSV practices will benefit companies both in the short and long term. If done right, ‘doing good’ will also translate into economic gains, which in turn benefits our investors.

Mustad, the best-selling hook brand in the world, has taken big steps to reform its packaging policy from plastic towards recycled paper, and moving to replace lead products with a 97 per cent eco tungsten range of terminal tackle.