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Investing with Verdane

Our goal is to be the preferred growth partner to tech-enabled businesses in Northern Europe. We help businesses realise their full potential by providing access to our team’s long experience in growth investing, our technology sector expertise and our broad local networks.

Verdane funds

Fund Vintage    Size Status
Capital IV 2003 NOK 0.8bn Fully invested
Capital V 2005 SEK 1.1bn Fully invested
Capital VI 2007 SEK 1.0bn Fully invested
Capital VII 2009 SEK 1.5bn Fully invested
Capital VIII 2013 SEK 2.0bn Fully invested
Capital IX 2016 SEK 3.1bn Fully invested
Edda 2018 SEK 3.1bn Fully invested
Capital X 2018 SEK 6.0bn Investing
Edda II 2020 EUR 540m Investing
Idun I 2021 EUR 300m Investing


Vintage is defined as year of first investment. Edda was largely raised in 2017, and Verdane Capital X in 2018.

Growth focused investments

One of our core values is ‘dare to be different’. We pioneered the portfolio investment strategy in Europe in 2003 and have a uniquely flexible investment model. We typically invest between EUR 10 and 80+ million into companies in growth or buy-out stages, either as a single company or as part of a broader portfolio. We can acquire majority or minority positions, buy existing shares or provide primary funding.

Since 2003, we have raised nine funds and a number of co-investment vehicles. Verdane Capital funds primarily target portfolio acquisitions and smaller single company transactions, whereas Verdane Edda funds invest in larger companies only. We are currently investing from Verdane Capital X (SEK 6bn in size) and Verdane Edda II (EUR 540m in size).


Strong returns help good causes

We are proud to have attracted high calibre investors from 14 countries, ranging from large foundations and endowments to pension funds, insurance companies and family offices. You can find some of their names below. Over half of the capital commitments in the three most recent funds, Verdane Edda, Verdane Edda II and Verdane Capital X, are by not-for-profit investors. It makes us happy to know that when we deliver strong returns in our funds, this also helps good causes.

Frida Einarson
Partner, IR & Business Development
Ellinor Schrewelius
IR & Business Development Principal

Some of our investors

Investors by type and geography

Data: Verdane Capital X and Verdane Edda

Funds and fund management

The Verdane funds are structured as Danish limited partnerships or Swedish limited liability companies, where vintage funds are domiciled in Denmark and the most recent funds Verdane Capital IX, Verdane Edda, Verdane Capital X and Verdane Edda II are domiciled in Sweden.

Each fund is managed by a separate legal entity, domiciled in the same country as the fund and referred to as the General Partner, as regards Danish funds, or Manager, as regards Swedish funds. Each General Partner or Manager is in turn managed by its respective board of directors.

The General Partner or the Manager, as applicable, is responsible for all investment and divestment decisions of the fund it is managing. These decisions may be based on the recommendations of advisory companies. Each Danish domiciled Verdane fund also has an external investment committee.