Technology is our domain

We scale tech-enabled growth businesses based out of Europe

Specialist growth equity

Successful scaling is a tricky business and requires deep knowledge about business models, markets, go-to-market dynamics, and operations. Our teams are built around three structural growth trends segmented into specialised areas.

You can rely on Verdane to bring specialist competence, growth-critical know-how, data-based perspectives, benchmarks, and industry networks cultivated for more than 20 years to help your team succeed.

B2C Digitalisation

Powered by the migration from offline to online and offline-online interfaces becoming increasingly complementary, solutions for the digital consumer will make everyday life, business and good choices easier.

We focus on apps, digital services, digitally native vertical brands, e-commerce, marketplaces and sustainable consumption.

B2B Digitalisation

In addition to top talent and streamlined operations, achieving great business results requires optimised tools to drive productivity, efficiency and resilience.

We focus on enterprise software that improves customer experience and generates revenue, improves operations and efficiency, or supports IT and infrastructure processes.


To create a sustainable global society and economy we need new thinking and disruptive, tech-enabled business models.

We focus on sustainable society solutions within energy transition and resilient communities.