Sustainable growth

Our belief in the transformative power of private equity to change the future for both people and the planet is embedded in Verdane’s cultural DNA.

Harnessing private equity to do good

We actively work to be on the right side of history through our investment choices, value creation approach, and institutional investor partnerships.

More than half of the capital in Verdane’s funds raised since 2018 originates from non-profit institutional sources supporting public welfare through pensions and causes like the rights to education, democracy, and free speech.

Verdane is partly owned by the Verdane Foundation. The Foundation provides donations, financial support and makes selective investments, such as Bower, Katapult Ocean and Zcooly, focused on two areas: climate change and more equitable and inclusive local communities.

Verdane is a founding member of the Nordic chapters of Lvl20 and OutInvestors.

Driving value with sustainability

In addition to being on the right side of history, we believe that sustainable growth will prove to be a structural growth opportunity similar to digital technology–a theme that permeates every sector of the economy, and society at large.

Some of our portfolio companies have built their businesses on solving global challenges, while other companies create greater value by adjusting their current models.

Using market-leading sustainability expertise from our Elevate Team, we work with all our portfolio companies to make sustainability an integrated growth driver and to be part of the solution to global challenges.

Our ESG Policy

Sustainability-related disclosures

2022 Sustainability Report

2021 Impact & Sustainability Report

Innovative use of technology will be the single most important component in reducing the resource intensity of our economies. As investors in growing tech companies, our strategy has been built around this theme since our founding.

Some of our 25+ sustainability investments