Setting course for growth

Establishing an asset-light business model and growing the business through M&A to secure new revenue streams

About Marine Jet Power

Sweden-based Marine Jet Power (MJP) is a leading global supplier of waterjet propulsion and propulsion control systems, with a geographical presence in the EMEA region, both Americas and the APAC region. MJP offers high-end waterjets with the best propulsion efficiency available, providing not only top performance and highest speed but also lowest total cost of ownership.

Investment rationale

MJP’s business stood to gain from a strategic shift toward long-term, stable contracts supplying governments looking for water propulsion jets. With rising geopolitical uncertainty, demand for MJP’s waterjets has increased as governments ramp up security spending.

Marine Jet Power has flourished into a waterjet propulsion market leader. The strategic vision of Verdane has positioned the company for sustainable and profitable long-term growth.

Value creation initiatives

Reviewing the business model

  • Set course away from the general cyclicality of the global marine industry to focus on strategic, long-term government contracts, which make up a significant portion of the global waterjet market
  • Developed an asset-light business model focused on design, assembly and sales, adding a strategic focus on aftermarket sales and services.


Product development

  • Developed a modularised and scalable product portfolio


Using M&A to create a holistic market offering and target new customer segments

  • Acquired Ultra Dynamics and AW Teknik in 2012 to expand geographical scope, broaden customer and product base and bring aftermarket sales under MJP’s control


Strategic positioning

  • Introduced an industry leading 5-year warranty that has positioned MJP as a full-service propulsion partner by offering unmatched performance, quality and customer care


Marine Jet Power is now positioned as a globally trusted full-service propulsion partner. It offers a modularised and scalable product portfolio with a strong position in the governmental segment, a growing aftermarket business and an asset-light business model.