Verdane publishes 2021 impact and sustainability report

In its impact and sustainability report released today, Verdane, the specialist European growth equity investor, presents highlights from 2021 including the launch of Verdane Idun I, one of Europe’s largest impact funds, and the Impact Management Project-based framework Verdane developed together with Bridgespan Social to evaluate impact investments.

Building on over 15,000 data points collected by Verdane’s in-house team of operational sustainability experts, the report provides an overview of current developments both at Verdane and in the portfolio while illustrating how Verdane works with its portfolio companies to help move them individually and collectively toward a more sustainable business composition.

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Bjarne Kveim Lie, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Verdane, comments: “At Verdane, we believe that our obligations as active owners and investors go beyond optimising financial returns. A key tenet of our values is to “respect people and the planet” and that sentiment is at the centre of every business decision we make. I am proud of Verdane’s early mover role in this crucial area and of the significant progress we’ve made in professionalising and institutionalising this commitment. This includes building a Sustainability team inside Verdane Elevate and launching Idun – our first dedicated impact fund where part of our compensation is tied to reaching sustainability objectives. Transparency in this area is key, which is why we have committed to publicly announce our progress going forward. We have made headway, but there is much left to do, and we will continue to raise the bar for our own performance in this crucial area.”


Verdane's 2030 commitments

Full-resolution image available in the PDF version of the report.