Eduhouse, the largest corporate learning tech company in the Nordics, acquires Danish peer GoLearn to cement Nordic Champion position

Eduhouse, the Nordic Learning-as-a-Service market leader, continues its growth track by acquiring 100 percent of Danish equivalent GoLearn. Denmark’s market size in corporate learning is roughly double the size of Finland, EUR 1.1 billion. Expansion to Denmark initiates Eduhouse’s journey towards the wider European market. The acquisition is supported by specialist growth equity investor Verdane, which has backed Eduhouse since 2021.

Nordic champion seeks new routes to Europe

Eduhouse and GoLearn share the same vision: day-long seminars are out of date and bite-size learning in the flow of work responds much better to the challenges brought by constantly changing working life. Both companies are on a mission to make corporate learning easy and fun regardless of time and place.

“We are excited to join forces with GoLearn as we share a similar passion for driving growth and the best services in corporate learning. We evolve our platform and service portfolio to serve current demand in a modern way. A Netflix-style of business model is familiar to professionals and supports today’s ways of working. Instead of long sessions, our platform provides engaging, efficient education within flow of work”, Eduhouse’s CEO Jukka Vento explains.

With its strong digital platform offering high-level user experience, cutting-edge, curated content and personalised learning methods, Eduhouse and GoLearn provide organisations and professionals the best solutions to continuously develop their skills in the flow of their work. Together Eduhouse and GoLearn truly form a Nordic champion in digital corporate learning. GoLearn’s current customer contracts will continue as before, and no changes to the material terms and conditions are planned at the moment.

“As well as being a great fit for Eduhouse acquiring GoLearn helps provide new routes to the rest of Europe. GoLearn has grown fast since it was established in 2017 and the market size of corporate learning is estimated to be over EUR 1.1 billion in Denmark, double the size of the Finnish market. There is a great potential for further international growth as we join forces”, Jukka Vento continues.

Following the GoLearn transaction, Eduhouse’s annual turnover will exceed EUR 17 million and Eduhouse currently provides services to around 280 000 users. Eduhouse’s goal is to provide its services to one million users by 2025 and reach EUR 50 million turnover by 2025.

During the past year, Eduhouse has acquired three Finnish companies: Wistec Training, Sovelto and Hallintoakatemia to expand its customer base and service portfolio. Prior to the GoLearn acquisition, Eduhouse already operated in Finland, Sweden and Norway serving clients localized content in the local language.

Top-tier platform and creative ways to engage learners to match growing demand of lifelong-learning

Eduhouse is the largest provider of e-learning services in the Nordic countries. Eduhouse is a streaming service for continuous learning which offers tools for companies to develop employees’ competence and its services are suitable for different learning methods.

GoLearn, the market leader in Denmark, complements Eduhouse’s service portfolio in many ways and brings creative ways to engage learners. GoLearn’s mission is to democratize corporate learning market, fighting against boring e-learning by bridging traditional e-learning with innovative engagement features.

Eduhouse’s learning offering is focused on corporate skills development especially in business, technology and working life. GoLearn offers training in IT -security, Microsoft Office, sales and leadership skills.

GoLearn’s specialty is that it uses actors in its courses to exemplify human interactions where appropriate. For example, learners can practice having a difficult conversation and gain an understanding of how to tackle demanding interactions.

“This is a great opportunity for both our customers and our company to join Eduhouse and seek new growth. Our way of working and vision of the future of corporate-learning match well. Together we will offer Nordic’s best competence development education to tackle the increasing demand of lifelong learning”, GoLearn’s co-founder Tue Lindblad states.

GoLearn will continue with its own name and both co-founders, Tue Lindblad and Rolf Pedersen, will continue leading the company in Denmark.

“A group of business angels have accompanied the GoLearn founders Tue Lindblad and Rolf Pedersen through a fantastic growth journey since 2017. We see the combination of GoLearn with Eduhouse as the natural next step in the creation of a European market leader within corporate E-learning. I wish Tue and Rolf and the rest of GoLearn team the very best on GoLearn’s further exiting growth journey under its new ownership,” says Nicolai Frisch Erichsen, [departing] Chairman of GoLearn.

Eduhouse’s growth is supported by Verdane, the specialist growth equity investor specialising in tech-enabled businesses. Verdane invested in Eduhouse in 2021 and continues to back Eduhouse ambitious growth plans.

“The potential and demand for corporate learning increases rapidly and we are happy to be part of Eduhouse’s growth journey. The management and board of Eduhouse have been focused on finding the perfect M&A match in line with the strategy to solidify the group’s position as a clear Nordic market leader, and with GoLearn we found that and more”, says Iikka Moilanen, Principal at Verdane.

The terms and conditions of the transaction are not disclosed.

Eduhouse is a Finnish Learning-as-a-Service company and a Nordic market leader providing lifelong learning services as a subscription model-based streaming service for various organisations. The education and coaching packages are curated to fit the needs of the organisations and different learning styles of end-users, available in their native languages. Learning occurs in the flow of work, regardless of time and place. Eduhouse’s services develop the users’ skills particularly in business, technology and working life. Every year, approximately 100,000 professionals use Eduhouse’s learning streaming services. Eduhouse’s turnover was EUR 14 million in 2022, and the company employs 120 people in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Eduhouse aims to be the European market leader by 2025.
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GoLearn is a powerful content-based corporate E-learning platform, offering a wide range of online corporate courses targeted at the Danish business community. The company taps into the rapidly growing EdTech space with the ambition to make competence development exciting and easily accessible through value-added content from subject experts and best-in-class production setup. GoLearn is on a mission to liberate the Danish business community from boring e-learning by helping organizations create better learning environments. GoLearn has produced +2,400 E-learning videos and helped +1,000 Danish companies to give their 155,000 employees a boost in skills. GoLearn’s turnover was EUR 3 million in 2022, and the company employs 30 people in Denmark. Read more:

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