Talentech expands its HR technology offering through the acquisition of Weekli

(STOCKHOLM, 1 December 2020) Talentech, the leading Nordic provider of cloud-based HR and recruitment software, continues its European expansion journey with the acquisition of Weekli, a Swedish provider of employee survey solutions. The acquisition brings market leading employee survey software into Talentech’s product portfolio, providing employees the chance to speak their mind, every week, completely anonymously, and giving managers the opportunity to act on facts rather than assumptions.

Talentech aims to become a leading European talent platform, offering cloud-based recruitment, onboarding and talent management software solutions. By integrating its solutions into one platform, Talentech is making attraction, recruitment, onboarding and retention of new employees easier and more efficient.

By adding new HR technology to the platform, customers get access to valuable and compatible solutions in their talent management work, while Talentech boosts technology development and the launch of new products to the benefit of customers. With the acquisition of Weekli, Talentech adds a leading solution to build proactive workplaces through continuous employee surveys.

“We are excited to welcome Weekli to the Talentech family. Weekli’s employee survey solution has been an important tool in enabling Talentech to become the company it is today. We have enjoyed the benefits of their data-driven and science-based approach, with continuous feedback from our team, as well as the opportunity to take actions when needed. Now, we look forward to offering this solution to existing and new customers as part of our HR technology platform,” says Hans Christian Haanes, CEO of Talentech.


Founded in 2017, Weekli has gained a leading position in the Swedish market in close partnership with Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services. Today, the company’s solution provides feedback on important topics from thousands of employees every week. Weekli’s employee surveys are positioned at the core of customers’ talent management work, providing employees with the opportunity to speak their mind on a continuous and anonymous basis, and giving managers the opportunity to act on facts instead of assumptions.

“Weekli’s solution is essential for organisations targeting to build proactive and open workplaces. We are proud to have been part of the company’s journey and look forward to following Weekli on its next stage of growth as part of Talentech’s HR technology platform. Talentech is the perfect home for Weekli, and customers across Europe stand to benefit,” says Åsa Severgårdh, CEO/Managing Director, Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services.

The parties have agreed not to disclose the terms of the investment.


About Talentech

Established in 2019, Talentech combines the very best of four industry-leading HR tech innovators: HR Manager, ReachMee, Talmundo, and Webcruiter.

Organizations today struggle with attracting, recruiting, and retaining valuable employees. The result is more vacancies, excessive time to productivity, high employee turnover, and ultimately, a loss of competitive edge. Talentech helps organizations overcome this with scalable HR-tech solutions within recruitment, onboarding and talent management creating a seamless talent journey supporting every stage of your talent pipeline. Together in one tailored platform.

Talentech currently has over 2 200 customers and are located in Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Amsterdam.


About Weekli

Carrying out an employee survey once a year belongs to the past. Weekli provides a revolutionary solution supporting leaders and management in measuring and improving psycho-social aspects and well-being across the entire workspace. Powered by AI, Weekli provides insights and facts enabling organizations to visualize employee development. Weekli help you enhance engagement and psycho-social wellbeing while reducing staff and staff turnover. By strengthening employee experiences, we create high-performing, healthy and prosperous organizations.


About Sodexo Benefits & Reward Services

Most employers today are aware that employees are the most important asset in the company and the ability to attract and retain skills is crucial for success. Sodexo BRS offers employee and health-related services that make it easier for our customers to motivate and engage their employees. With vast knowledge and insights about the value of employees’ well-being we help employers to create sustainable workplaces with committed and motivated employees. Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services is part of the Sodexo Group, one of the world’s largest service companies with operations in 80 countries.


Press contacts

John Sagrelius, CMO, Talentech, +46 (0)70 601 13 09, john.sagrelius@talentech.com

Åsa Severgårdh, CEO/Managing Director, Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services, +46 (0)766 35 99 42, asa.severgardh@sodexo.com