How we create value

We have the experience, data and resources to be actively involved.

Including, but not limited to, helping you:

  • Sustain and accelerate growth organically and through M&A
  • Secure high-calibre talent you need to scale your organisation
  • Get your business model right
  • Better understand your business through benchmarks
  • Access peer networks and events for best practice exchange
  • Create shared value

Verdane knows how to balance company long-term strategic goals and short term deliverables – providing capital, network and expertise to unlock international growth potential and support leadership, technology and supply chain excellence.

We helped build JSB into a global lead-supplier of core materials for longer wind turbine blades

What you can expect from us

We do things differently

You can’t grow by doing what’s already been done. Whether we’re collaborating with single companies or owners of large portfolios, we challenge ourselves and our partners to push boundaries.

A unique blend

Our attitude is entrepreneurial. Growth requires more than just fast returns – we balance obsession with data, operational pragmatism and long-term strategic vision.

Investing with you

We’re driven to be the best coach in growth that we can. So, collaboration isn’t an empty word, and ‘active’ means really investing with each partner in success.

We see more than numbers

Successful businesses are sustained by successful relationships. We work to truly understand each organization, on their own terms.

Our vision of the future

Our job is to understand structural changes, and invest in businesses that have the proven potential to harness those changes to become industry leaders. And because leaders look beyond the present, we encourage those businesses we invest in to create a better future for all of us.