Go to market webinars from Verdane Elevate in 2020



Turning the Post Cookie Era into a Competitive Advantage

Oct. 29th at 1 pm CET


We are sure you are aware of “The death of the Cookie” and the challenges it stands for. The demands for increased transparency and stricter data protection are changing the game for online advertising. Without third party cookies, we will have poorer capabilities to assess that we are targeting the right audience. Or is there another way? How can we thrive in a world without cookies and navigate in this new ecosystem? 


Webinar content:  

  • LEARN about the privacy landscape 
  • UNDERSTAND the impact of privacy within marketing evaluation & optimization 
  • ENABLE better decision-making & strategies with privacy in mind for a competitive advantage 


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U.S. expansion lessons for software companies 

Nov. 5th at 3 pm CET


Giles Whiting has joined Verdane as an Operating Advisor and the new COO of Confirmit, a Verdane company and the market leader in customer and employee experience and market research. In this webinar he will unpack some of his most impactful learnings and share them with other Verdane software companies selling into or establishing a presence in the U.S. market.  


You will learn about: 

  • Perspectives on the current U.S. market situation  
  • How to successfully build a U.S. go-to-market strategy and growth engine  
  • Go-to-market Q&A – raise your questions already in the registration form!  


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Value Based Pricing in software companies

Nov. 19th at 2 pm CET


In this Verdane Elevate webinar we will focus on software pricing and learn more about how Hive Streaming has revamped their pricing strategy. We will be looking at the challenge the company was facing prior to the start of the project, how the project has been approached, how decisions have been made and how the new framework has been implemented to achieve success 

Presenters are Niklas Hagen, COO of Hive Streaming, together with the pricing expert who helped Hive Streaming with their project, Marc Andre Lein, Partner at Impulssum 


You will learn about: 

  • Pricing fundamentals and pricing models in software  
  • Industry trends and best practices  
  • How Hive Streaming revamped their pricing model and successfully implemented value-based pricing. The challenge, the approach, the execution, and the result. 


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Strategic partnerships and alliances

Dec. 3rd at 2 pm CET


Baman Motivala is the VP ISV EMEA & APAC at Salesforce, and in this webinar, he will talk about strategic partnerships and alliances for software companies. Is it true that all software companies want to be a platform company?

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Recording from previous webinars 2020


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