Verdane sells Exensor to Bertin Technologies

Stockholm — Verdane NVP II SPV K/S (Verdane), Marginalen Group AB, Erland von Hofsten Advokat AB and a further 16 private investors have sold Exensor, an international leader in sensor and protection networks for sensitive areas and infrastructures, to Bertin Technologies, a subsidiary of CNIM Group, listed on Euronext Paris stock exchange.

Exensor provides unattended ground sensor networks for sensitive areas and infrastructures and has key international clients in the defence and security sector. The company is headquartered in Lund, Sweden and has subsidiaries in the UK and Germany.

Verdane invested in Exensor in 2013, and Verdane Capital Advisors and other shareholders have supported management in expanding the company’s international sales and in identifying new usage areas in the civilian market, for example to protect critical infrastructure. Revenues have grown nearly fourfold during the fund’s holding period.

“We at Verdane are proud to, together with other shareholders, have been part of  Exensor’s international success in new markets, such as Asia and Australia, and to have supported the drive for new civilian applications for future growth”, said Jakob Greger Gravdal, Investment professional at Verdane Capital Advisors. “We are convinced that Exensor will continue to flourish under Bertin Technologies’ umbrella.”

The acquisition of Exensor will strengthen Bertin Technologies’ strategic development in the global instrumentation and surveillance market for defence and security applications.

“We are very excited to build a successful common future with Exensor, a global leader in unattended ground sensor networks for protection of Defence Forces and protection of Critical Infrastructures. Exensor is indeed very complementary to Bertin activities in this area, in terms of products and global market reach and this acquisition fully fits the strategic positioning of CNIM in those markets”, commented Philippe Demigné, Chairman of Bertin Technologies.

“We are pleased to complete this transaction and we are very excited about our future with Bertin.  I am confident that the Exensor business is well positioned to contribute to the combined company’s success while supporting our customers’ future needs. The transaction enables us to continue our expansion in a growing market from a position of real strength, which will benefit our customers and employees alike”, commented Christian Gravengaard, CEO of Exensor.

The transaction closed on 31 July, 2017. EY acted as lead financial advisor to the selling shareholders and Vinge provided legal advice.

We at Verdane are proud to, together with other shareholders, have been part of  Exensor’s international success in new markets, such as Asia and Australia, and to have supported the drive for new civilian applications for future growth.

About Verdane

Verdane funds provide flexible growth capital to fast growing software, consumer internet, energy or high-technology industry businesses. They funds are distinctive in that they can invest either in a single company, or in portfolios of companies. Verdane funds have €900m under management and have invested in over 300 holdings over the past 14 years. Verdane Capital Advisors has 25 employees working out of offices in Oslo, Stockholm, and Helsinki. More information can be found at:

About Exensor

Founded in 1987, Exensor Technology is a world leading supplier of Networked Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) Systems providing tailored sensor solutions to customers all over the world. From headquarters in Lund Sweden, a center of expertise in network communications at the Communications research lab in Kalmar Sweden and a production site outside of Basingstoke UK, Exensor designs, develops and produces state of the art rugged UGS solutions at the highest quality to meet the most stringent demands of customers. Exensor’s systems are used in a wide number of military, home land security and civilian applications world wide.

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About Bertin Technologies

Bertin Technologies, subsidiary of CNIM Group, relies on its long history of innovation to develop, produce and market innovative systems and equipment worldwide.  With close to €96 million in revenues and 700 employees in 2016, of which 2/3rd are engineers and high-level managers, Bertin Technologies and its subsidiaries work in four major fields: Systems and Instrumentation, Consulting and Engineering, Information Technology and Pharmaceuticals and Biotechs.  Based in the Paris region, the company is active worldwide. More information can be found at: