Njord Carbon

Permanent, engineered carbon removals

Verdane is a growth equity investment firm with over €5.7 billion in total commitments, which specialises in scaling tech-enabled and sustainable businesses. Verdane seeks to scale Njord Carbon by welcoming new partners and early adopters to the initiative.

Founded in 1938, Södra is Sweden’s largest forest-owner association, with 51,000 forest owners as its members. In 2021, Södra’s positive climate effect was equal to offsetting 25% of Sweden’s reported emissions. Carbon capture strengthens Sodra’s long-term, impact-focused work by creating new value from a by-product of their mills.

Latest news

18th June 2024

Njord Carbon secures funding as it aims for multi-million tonnes net negative carbon capture and storage. Read more


5th February 2024

Renewable industries senior executive Heinz Felder has joined Njord Carbon as its new CTO. Read more



Our ambition is to make it easy to go net zero

Even if the world succeeds in dramatically cutting its collective CO2 emissions, there is an urgent need to remove billions of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Njord Carbon’s purpose is to help enable the transition towards a sustainable world, by making high-quality carbon removals available at scale and at an affordable price point. Through its constituent partner organisations, Njord Carbon will offer certified, waste-based, permanent carbon dioxide removal credits.

By separating out and permanently storing CO2 originally captured by growing trees, Njord Carbon stands at the forefront of negative emissions technology – and goes beyond others that simply reduce emissions from existing industrial processes.

The technology behind Njord Carbon

Bioenergy carbon capture and storage (BECCS) is a negative emissions technology (NET) that captures biogenic carbon emitted from sustainable, waste-based bioenergy used in the pulp and paper, waste-to-energy, and other production processes.

BECCS, like DACCS (direct air capture with carbon storage), is a permanent carbon removal technology that stores CO2 for thousands of years underground. Compared to DACCS, BECCS is a more mature technology that can be integrated into existing companies’ infrastructures, allowing for significantly more cost-effective removals credits, without sacrificing capture quality.