Watch out for our Marketing Survey

Verdane Elevate wants to create the best possible ecosystem for you!

We have developed a tailormade marketing survey to capture relevant aspects of the type of companies Verdane is investing in, tech enabled companies. It is meant to help directing your own planning, execution and team. In addition, it will help us in Verdane Elevate to create the best possible ecosystem for you. The survey includes a lot of content so that conducting it indicates a direction already and we will share findings with you as soon as they are in. For best possible follow-up on a company level, the survey will not be anonymous. Your individual results will however not be shared with others 

We strongly encourage you to take the survey as soon as it arrives in your mailbox and please do it as thoroughly as possible. The better data we get, the better guidance we get and the better we can help out on both aggregated levels and company levels.