HappyOrNot’s Smileys empower organisations to develop their operations

What is the greatest source of learning? According to real-time feedback solutions provider HappyOrNot, it is customer feedback and quality data insights.

From quality data to better customer experience

HappyOrNot’s CEO Miika Mäkitalo joined the company in December 2020. When not training for an ultramarathon, Mäkitalo pursues his passion for SaaS-based business logic, leadership, and ways of developing better organisational culture. At present, he is on a mission to help organisations develop their businesses with HappyOrNot’s insights, gathered from customer feedback.

Understanding the importance of customer experience is vital in organisations today. Mäkitalo says that with extensive real-time customer feedback, it is easier to justify changes within an organisation.

The most important thing for HappyOrNot is to help its clients improve their business with its deep understanding of customer experience data. Mäkitalo sees that HappyOrNot’s real-time feedback data insights can empower organisations to drastically improve their operations.

Over the last couple of years, HappyOrNot has focused on strengthening its digital offering. This proved to be the right decision when the COVID-19 virus hit the world last year and the pandemic reduced customers at restaurants and airports. Despite the challenges the pandemic brought, HappyOrNot successfully responded to new circumstances by developing touchless Smiley feedback services.

Verdane as an important partner in growth

Verdane joined the growth journey of HappyOrNot in 2019. Commenting on the company’s partnership with Verdane, Mäkitalo says that the in-depth discussions during the financing round helped both HappyOrNot and Verdane understand that they are a good match for each other.

“For a company that is starting a financing round, the most important thing is not just to look for the biggest cheque, but for a partner who shares your vision for the future. It is important to discuss the future and financing plans. We are very happy to share a common understanding of what HappyOrNot can be in the future, and we are working together towards our goals,” Mäkitalo says.

If Mäkitalo could go back in time and give himself a piece of advice, he would encourage himself to be even more courageous, speedier and to involve data as extensively as possible in all decisions.

HappyOrNot has initiated a plan to continue its growth into new markets. Mäkitalo says that the idea is not to expand the business aimlessly worldwide, but to really understand why each market entry is being made and make sure the market is ready for the business.

“On new market entries, I have one piece of advice: You should dance where there’s music. And when there’s music, dance with everything that you’ve got.”