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Daniel Hansen
Chief Marketing Officer

Juliana Sigg
Growth Marketing Manager

Specialist in-house operational experts available exclusively to Verdane portfolio companies

Verdane Elevate is our specialised team of in-house operational experts available to partner with you, our holdings, to tackle your key challenges and capture your greatest opportunities. And we’re reaching out to let you know that the marketing part of Elevate is already up and running!

Our mission is to create a best-practice marketing ecosystem exclusively for all Verdane’s portfolio companies so that we can all become better at our jobs and contribute to more marketing-enabled growth for our businesses


From portfolio-wide learning events to nitty-gritty operational support

Marketing is business critical, but it is also an immense field, very complex and ever changing. We operate under the conviction that blending your best blueprints with those of best-of-breed vendors, providing access to leading-edge technology and facilitating active knowledge exchange between all of you will build and empower our best practice marketing ecosystem.  

Best practice can be many things and can take many forms. To kick off, we originally planned an inaugural Verdane Marketing Day in May 2020 to meet you all in person. This event was to provide a platform for you to connect, network with each other and to benefit from other CMO’s valuable expertise. Then came COVID-19, and we decided to postpone the event until autumn – more information will be along as the situation clears up and physical events again become possible. In the meantime, we will continue with digital communications such as our newsletter and are already working with some of you on areas such as marketing strategy and planning, growth hacking for the German market, vendors and tools recommendations and more.  

For any questions, or if you have a marketing opportunity you’d like to discuss (or just say hi) – feel free to reach out to us directly.

Best wishes,
Daniel & Juliana