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Verdane lives its values to the fullest. We love what we do, and it shows.

Growth focused investments

One of our core values is ‘dare to be different’. We pioneered the portfolio investment strategy in Europe in 2003 and have a uniquely flexible investment model. We typically invest between EUR 10 and 80+ million into companies in growth or buy-out stages, either as a single company or as part of a broader portfolio. We can acquire majority or minority positions, buy existing shares or provide primary funding.

Since 2003, we have raised nine funds and a number of co-investment vehicles. Verdane Capital funds primarily target portfolio acquisitions and smaller single company transactions, whereas Verdane Edda funds invest in larger companies only. We are currently investing from Verdane Capital X (SEK 6bn in size) and Verdane Edda II (EUR 540m in size).

Verdane Capital IX:
Verdane Capital IX (D) AB and
Verdane Capital IX (E) AB
2016Verdane Fund Manager AB
Verdane Edda:
Verdane Edda (D) AB and
Verdane Edda (E) AB
2018Verdane Fund Manager AB
Verdane Capital X:
Verdane Capital X (D) AB and
Verdane Capital X (E) AB
2018Verdane Fund Manager AB
Verdane Capital 2019:
Verdane Capital 2019 (D) AB and
Verdane Capital 2019 (E) AB
2019Verdane Fund Manager AB
Verdane Capital 2020:
Verdane Capital 2020 (D) AB and
Verdane Capital 2020 (E) AB
2020Verdane Fund Manager AB
Verdane Edda II:
Verdane Edda II (D) AB and
Verdane Edda II (E) AB
2020Verdane Fund Manager AB



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