“Culture is key to success for a growth company”

What are the most exciting parts of being CEO of a growth company? Why invest in culture, and what are the most important business areas for a SaaS company? Henrik Lepasoon of Stratsys has interesting views on how to grow a company to increase value for its customers.

“In my opinion, to deliver continuous growth, be innovative, and attract new talents are the three most exiting parts of leading Stratsys. I am very motivated by helping our customers succeed every day, buy using our products and services, and it makes me and our company proud to see that we contribute to our customers success,” says Henrik Lepasoon, CEO of Stratsys.

Founded in 2002, Stratsys is a Sweden-based SaaS company offering a configurable governance and strategic management platform. The software platform digitalises workflow processes and creates an overview of the links between the overall strategic plan and actions needed. As a result, the administrative burden on the organisation is eased as internal stakeholders can better coordinate their work and strategic follow-ups occur with increased transparency.

With its recurring revenue model and strong incumbent position, Stratsys is well-positioned to become the leading platform for operational efficiency in the public sector and selected private sector segments in the Nordics and Northern Europe. According to Lepasoon, the company is set for growth in the years to come.

“Our main focus now is the Nordics. We are looking at both organic growth and M&A opportunities to help us expand to new markets. In the long run, however, our ambition is to go even more international, as we strongly believe in the product areas we are having”, says Lepasoon.

Stratsys has over 300 public and private sector customers representing 200,000 users in Sweden and Norway, with a market-leading position in the public and healthcare sectors. The company has around 190 employees across offices in Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm, Sweden, and Oslo, Norway.

“We are investing heavily in our culture and being the best working place. Culture has always been a very important part of Stratsys and will continue to be so in the future, as we believe that its key to be successful as a growth company. Innovation and continuous development have always been key as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) innovation is progressing quickly. This is again related to getting talented employees on board with strong knowledge and competence on modern SaaS. We are a growth company, which is embedded strongly in our corporate culture,” Lepasoon states.

Stratsys offers a product that helps organisations track their processes with regards to their sustainability work. The company decided to invest further into this product going into 2022, most notably within product development and dedicated sales resources. To help sustainable businesses grow further is a key motivation for Stratsys.

“We strongly believe that the category within sustainability and strategic planning will be worldwide important for all SaaS companies going forward. Continuing the digitalisation for our customers and simplify processes which increases their efficiency is the most important factors for us to grow further. We have had a solid development since Verdane invested in our company in 2020. We believe their competence and experience will help us take the next step in new markets and sectors”, says Lepasoon.