16 questions to help gauge employee well-being

One of our portfolio companies asked us for input on how to best engage and motivate employees when working from home. Here’s what our Talent expert team in collaboration with Lattice shared with them to help create a survey.

  1. My stress level is manageable.
  2. I am encouraged to take time for myself during the workday.
  3. I have the hardware and software I need to work effectively during this period.
  4. I believe my company is taking the appropriate steps to minimize disruption to our business during this time.
  5. My manager has effectively responded to my needs in the current environment.
  6. My manager clearly communicates team and individual responsibilities.
  7. My manager has checked in on my wellbeing in the last seven days.
  8. I like the way my company is handling internal communications during this pandemic crisis.

  1. I can maintain meaningful connections with my work friends during this time.
  2. I feel comfortable bringing up work-related problems with my co-workers during this time.
  3. I feel motivated to show up for work every day.
  4. Senior leadership has shown genuine care and concern for employees during this time.
  5. I trust senior leadership to make good decisions regarding the health crisis.
  6. I am proud to tell others about my company’s actions during this time.
  7. Is there any support you need at this time that you are not currently receiving?
  8. What do you wish senior management knew about your experience at work?